empowering தமிழ் – a Malaysian chapter


சங்கம் வளர்த்த தமிழுக்கு என் முதற்கண் வணக்கம்,

am making it straight to the point:
= raise the standards of Tamil schools, raise the standards of teachers who teach in Tamil schools… RECREATE if it needs to happen. YOU would see a difference to the entire system then!

MIC perhaps, needs to propel a grand vision to encourage Tamil education from the primary in Malaysia. But, this does not need to happen ONLY from within Tamil schools… does it? YOU are already losing a point if you claim Tamil education stays within the traditional Tamil school environment in Malaysia.

The government may continue to do its part in the spirit of 1Malaysia. Alternatives?

I see privatization as a possible option. It may not be a total solution but it is… a baby step. All it takes is for ONE richer Indian to put his feet down for the community and establish a private school, with Tamil as compulsory in its syllabus. Everything else can be in English or BM, parallel to national education standards.

Tan Sri G has come forward for the Indians, I am sure there are many more who can be just as generous. It may happen through a group – SMC perhaps?

Yes, MIC can surely play a part in this privatization process to establish a cluster of “Premium Schools – primary & secondary” in each State which emphasizes in Tamil education. Performing students from government Tamil primary schools may be given full scholarships by the government, MIC (or any political party for that matter) and NGOs to continue their secondary education in these schools.

It really doesn’t matter WHO initiates all these – that is not my concern. JUST DO IT RIGHT.

While we need to applaud all efforts to transform current state of Tamil schools, perhaps some efforts in creating a new state of affairs for empowering Tamil education SHOULD take place in Malaysia. It is high time it does.

The concept “Premium Schools” will complement and emulate Tamil to greater excellence. IT creates a reason for the existing Tamil schools to excel and us to be part of the system… and as much as I don’t need a reason to learn Tamil, A REASON is what the common society has been missing all these years.

YOU raise your standards so high that these are the best in class schools in the country that, every Indian wants to be in it! It may be so good that you might have Malays or Chinese wanting to be in it and yes, learn Tamil with it!

Impossible? Difficult maybe, but not impossible! God bless those who are working for தமிழ் – the gods always have.

p.s. Thank you for a wonderful discussion Sivanesan. YOU stirred this article.


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