Putera’s Identity


சங்கம் வளர்த்த தமிழுக்கு என் முதற்கண் வணக்கம்,
Dear Putera National & State council members,

It was awesome to note that we are better recognized now, especially after having Dato Seri and his highest comrades walk-in during our AGM.

There were queries however, amongst us, on who we really are and what are we being recognized for. I believe the Council needs to address this again, a sort of reassurance. Putera should continue to regulate itself as a non-political entity… and that means a few good things.

I can understand the sentiments of Putera when we walked into HS – that was for our chief, Mr.Kamalanathan. I personally refrained myself from a physical presence because however you wish to call it …it was downright a political activity, and made known my reasons to Mr.Kamalanathan and Mr.Thana. I did something else – campaigning for him online is something I could do at a personal level, it may have pulled in a few votes – my words were in The Star the next day.

No issues there. I will continue to do this.

But, what interest does Putera have in the next general election? Why are we being told to prepare ourselves for it? WHY are some of US excited about it? Aren’t we losing a point here already?

Quoting Mr.Kamalanathan’s own words, Putera is a brand-name to MIC and our focus should entirely be in uplifting the community. Some of us are already doing a great job in it. That is all we do. If we do that right enough, then MIC by the grace of god will win!

Politic is someone else’s game. By saying this, I am not in anyway suggesting that a PuteraMIC member can’t have a political ambition – YOU can, and when YOU decide you should… do it on a different platform-Pemuda.

PuteraMIC should restructure its activities as to complement Pemuda. I do not mind if the aspirants in Pemuda gain political momentum because of my activities – why should I mind when my purpose is served? Puteri, for Wanita. With that openness, positive difference will take place within the party. That’s what consorted effort is all about.

The sustainability of a corporation lies not on what they do but how they do it. We, can definitely do things better in here.

I joined PuteraMIC, chose it over PemudaMIC because it works as an NGO within the party – a concept that I couldn’t entirely digest coming from a political entity. But, I can just hope it stays that way for the betterment of the party,its members and the society.

Do let me know YOUR thoughts. Thank you.

Murali Prasad
National Welfare Bureau

p.s. Originally posted in the national council fb but i’m really not sure if everyone of us visit it anymore. fb can be used to better use, we proudly quote 95% of PuteraMIC being net savvy but our communication appears to be disbursed in many directions. I do not have all the council members in my friend’s list so plz pass this around for a discussion round OR get everyone to tune into the national council’s page at least every week.


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