blessed, i am… because of YOU.


ஏன் இதயம் உடைத்தாய் நொறுங்கவே? என் மறு இதயம் தருவேன் நீ உடைக்கவே : yen ithayam udaithai norungave? en maru ithayam tharuveyn nee udaikave*

… such is the realized beauty of being in love – shatter me again, just for me to keep wanting many more moments with you.

blessed, i am… because of you. blessed i am to have realized this love from you.

IF, you could walk pass me one more time – என் வாசல் தாண்டி போனாளே : en vaasal thaandi ponaale* to get me breathless at every sight and lost at every thought …to live and to have lived – வாழ்வுக்கும் பக்கம் வந்தேன், சாவுக்கும் பக்கம் நின்றேன் : vaazhvukkum pakkam vanthaen, saavukkum pakkam nindraen* in this perfect love – பட்டு பூச்சி வந்தாச்சா? மேகம் உன்னை தொட்டாச்சா? : pattupoochi vanthachaa? megam unnai thottaachaa?*

so that i could relive நான் குழந்தை ஆகிறேன் : naan kulanthai aagirean* once again every moment shared with you.

and …hear my love calling out to you: i take a step, you take a step – walk with me.

p.s. it is starting to feel odd to tag so many of you in here, i know this is purely a ‘love affair’ but the writer couldn’t resist but to spread the magic with everyone else! 😉 and, if you haven’t realized – click “hear my love” to hear the entire song …one more time!

tagged in no priority order! nevertheless, blessed I am to have crossed paths with all of you – tagged or untagged 🙂


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