in the spirit of democracy in its varied forms, Samy Vellu has wronged.


I try to write …, whenever something matters. And, I was contemplating whether I should write now – is THIS something that would matter to YOU?

The Malaysian Indian Congress is in an obvious dilemma and at least everyone from both camps i.e. WITH or WITHOUT Samy Vellu, will agree to the notion. But, history has proven again and again that my assumptions can be wrong and if it is …GOD bless those ignorance!

Just like many of us, I do not have any priority interest to dwell into the facts and fictions that dwindle back and forth around MIC. The post-independence, post-patriotism era thought us to relate ourselves as an individual to the country than the other way round. For many, the subject matter has conveniently switched!

I, also refrain myself from opinionating details that are not clear to me, that I am not sure of …just like SOME of us.
This single note, is just about that.

Samy Vellu claims that he has met more than 350,000 Indians in his years as the party president. I do not think he is exaggerating as I have seen Kamalanathan attending people in Malacca in the morning, Penang in the afternoon and back to KL by night… for yet another meeting session, or at least 50 people walking in and out of Devamany’s office within 1 hour!

His fiery opponents insist that he has not done anything for the Malaysian Indians – how could someone be absolutely not been doing anything for 31 years? How could YOU have allowed someone who has not been doing anything to be around as the-chief-representative of Malaysian Indians for 31 bloody years?!Something just doesn’t fit right eh?

He could have done more? Yes, sure… when is it ever sufficient for us? You could have done more? Yes, sure!

A few matters provoked this incidence that we see in MIC today, one provoked more than anything else – Maika Holdings was his brain-child and it disastrously failed, shattering a great Malaysian Indian dream with it. As the President, he is definitely accountable for that failure with Vell Paari, and all the past CEOs. But then, there are also popular allegations that he and his gang of thieves have swindled all the earnings and knowingly failed the business arm …I am not sure.

Some other matters are however, just left not noticed… not to be noticed, perhaps? AIMST is his other brain-child and I see a magnificent Indian dream there – one that allows more young Indians to pursue their dreams and is also able to produce note-worthy graduates in the field of sciences.

… and YES, that I am very sure!

Why do we not learn to loud a success as much we can for a failure? How is one, any less significant than the other?

*** A couplet from Thirukkural comes to my mind… but I’m not getting it right – well, never-mind that for now.

It was Samy Vellu’s prerogative as the President to dismiss his able secretary general, a few CWC members and Deputy Youth Chief as it was Mahathir’s to dismiss his DPM. Prerogative …however, does not go very well with democracy.

Thus, in the spirit of democracy in its varied forms, Samy Vellu has wronged today.

… but, if you can just allow yourself to view a person beyond his wrongs, you might see a better man – well, you MIGHT!


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