Zaid Ibrahim vs Kamalanathan Panchanathan


Dear Sensible Silent Majority,

I would not have written this if it was not about the two. I, have high regards for both.

Zaid Ibrahim is NOT your average politician and Kamalanathan is DEFINITELY NOT your average last-minute substitute!

and …This is one EVENT, that needs all attention!It might give you a glimpse of what the future will be for all of us.

I do not recall any other election which had such intense atmosphere on the nomination day itself. It is an unprecedented move that took into account what the people wanted-that, at least according to UMNO. If it is true, then UMNO could have simply volumed it …along with whatever other reasoning that needs to be silent enough.

But, it was just right enough for MIC to listen. Some, may argue.

MIC needs to stay focused clearly enough the constituency demanded a change; it is either we do it within or someone else does it …without us!hard fact? it is!

What fight is MIC giving up by opting that change-fielding Kamalanathan?! With no offence to the other party hopefuls, every MIC member needs to be able to move and take things in a constructive manner as this is not the time to squabble over ‘smaller’ issues…

and while saying it, I can still empathize the sentiments involved and appreciate the heartache of Palanivel’s aides BUT shouldn’t this be a time for reasoning instead being rigidly opinionated? Why did UMNO not agree for Palanivel? I personally, do not know but it is a good question to ask ourselves…

It is OK if you do not get an answer-politics is not easy.

This too, won’t be easy and you do not get any weaker by acknowledging the strength of your opponent. Zaid Ibrahim is an able man, and I believe the BN government needs to acknowledge that 1st to win…

Call it a clash of the titans if you want but THIS, will be a fight like no other! May the best man win, the loser will never be any lesser!

Zaid is a tough contender but my bet is with Kamalanathan-what is yours?


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