but, Muhyiddin… was simply truthful enough.


perhaps, it is a question that you never expect someone would ask you…

and maybe another question could be posed to him, for the sake of questioning-Tan Sri Muhyiddin, are you Muslim 1st, Malay 1st or Malaysian 1st or that 3 in any order of preference?

OR, we can just go beyond all social definitions and question him,the PM… and Lim – would you in any event put yourself before any of the 3 above?be truthful now!

What is 1Malaysia? – http://bit.ly/98wguG – pg.11, 4th para : “… every Malaysian perceives himself or herself as Malaysian first, and by race,religion, geographical region or socio-economic background second”

and… with that Lim’s question is justified enough.

1Malaysia is in fact an ideal concept-a great “Malaysian Dream”. Onn Jaafar championed it 50 years back, he failed. Tunku was more strategical but there is only so much ONE man can do.

Najib… well it’s all for good cause!

but, Muhyiddin… was simply truthful enough and he gave us all dash of realism. unfortunately, a concept no matter how unreal it may appear needs to be championed by it’s preceptors, at the least.

nvm them… they are ALL politicians, after all!

and there IS and WILL be obvious contradictions-we are all stuck some where between the ideal and the real.

if i ask you the same question, what would you answer?- hypocrites amongst us, just too many?


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