what dreams may come


I write this as I don’t have your number and that I hear you were ceaselessly looking out for me (or so I wish to hear) at the convocation!!!


Back when I graduated someone whispered ‘ohw finally!’ in my ears before we threw off the mortarboards (which we made sure to collect after the photo-shot coz we loaned the whole graduation suit, for an unreasonable price).
… and it took me a couple of interviews, resignations and more interviews to figure how wrong ‘ohw finally’ was! I wish I can remember who said it!

This IS in fact, the beginning of a far more significant part of your ‘journey’ than the years you spent in lecture halls where you were either writing…SMSs, listening…to your mp3s or attentively watching…everyone else except the lecturer (or the lecturer if she was hot!).

YOU will realize (as how I have, AM) to an extent what matters most after-school is everything else than what you were in there and with time you will also come to realize that no matter what you were or what you are, you can change it if you dared enough. 🙂

Simply put, you really don’t have to end up being a scientist just because you took science at high school! I know someone with a PhD and he is running a restaurant, cooking loads of delicious money with it.


… is truly about making effort to do what you want to do and earn a decent living along the way. It is, ultimately about your own dreams and all efforts you put in to walk towards your dreams; small steps maybe, but make sure you keep walking and when you walk …carry your scroll with you-just in case someone needs to know where you graduated from!

if you need me to derive a formula to substantiate my argument :

Work = Force x Distance
Force translates itself as all effort you put in; distance translates as your journey from point D to point E. D is Dream, E is…. rEality.

Most of us fail to understand this. The sad part is and as noble as it may sound, most of us end up working fulfilling someone else’s dream …we get paid but we also repeatedly ask ourselves-if everything is even worth all the effort. Now that can really suck in a really really really bad way!

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever give up on your dreams; coz dreams DO come true :o)
– and with god’s grace, all your future efforts will make your work worthwhile and the journey beautiful, a journey which will see many of your own dreams coming true.

God Bless!
~ M Prasad

p.s this piece was originally written to be a short personalized congratulations msg to charu, shailaja, priscy, yamuna, sivagami, hema, sanuzi, thanes, siva, karthi and some others who received their scrolls on 15/10/08 from AIMST…but as usual, I got it over-flowing and decided to blog it instead!


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