constitutional emotions


I was hoping NOT to write on this so I have absolutely no idea what I am doing right now. scribbling down my thoughts maybe a.k.a WRITING….o ooo!


we need to start focusing on issues coz tht might be d biggest problem we all have…we all lose focus! In fact tht IS d core competency in reading this writeup today-FOCUS! n perhaps with tht…u can continue focusing on more things thn write-ups aft this.

I wish not to query bout d one race’s sovereignty over the rest, I wish not to talk bout the non-believers being marginalized in the name of democracy, I wish not to rationalize public outcry and street demonstrations, I wish not to discuss one man traveling around the world voicing ethnic-cleansing in a peace-loving country, I wish not to argue tht a premier of not doing his job as good as his strong predecessor, I wish not to condemn a leader of never ever representing his community, I wish not to talk bout seizure of my rights to talk…

Indeed, I wish not to talk but to speak. I wish to speak on this…n i hope u’d listen.

for god’s sake it’s MY place of worship…plz don’t bring it down, I beg you…plz plz plz …

don’t anyone of you dare bring it down-i’d BE completely responsible for my reactions thereafter!!!!! Applied 3rd law of
Newton. perfect!

I’m neither resorting to go head-on against the system nor am I in agreement with illegal erection of buildings but there are definitive strong sentiments involved here in this case! The argument tht these places are built without proper documentation or government approval doesn give anyone the absolute right to demolish them. yes i have heard tht d law says otherwise. Might not be the finest justification BUT is everything done in accordance to law?

O give me a break! The obvious cannot be buried n don’t give d world this preposterous bullshit of ‘we need to start some where’…

For those strict law-abiding imposters… constitutional law is an interest-driven practical activity and it is not about the annihilation or disregard of moral sentiments …it is about the manipulation of these sentiments and emotions. Interesting enough…so it’s not precisely about what can or can not, should or should not BUT about want or want not! now tht’s quite practical ain’t it?

n for those who miserably fail to understand this…we are just not talking bout a 21-bathroom mansion la sayang.

Malaysia is a beautiful place for many of us…I haven’t seen much of the other places but I am pretty much at home here. Point however is…d fact tht something is beautiful does not mean it’s completely flawless.

it’s like If u think aishwarya rai doesn have a problem… duh think again! if u still think she doesn…ask abishek bachan!! ah NOW u got my point…

in fact, we ARE having a problem right now and there ARE events happening…n events CAN and MAY recur if we keep superficially addressing obvious symptoms alone. Apparently tht is NEVER enough. LEARN TO FOCUS…keep askin urself WHY events are happening.

for those who again fail miserably to understand this…a not-so-perfect analogy—> u have eight yummy luscious lip-smacking lollipops n u so wanna have them all for urself but ur 3 year old nephew loves lollipops too. Wat would u do-tell him lollipops can cause a permanent brain damage or tht d big fat crow took them away? (note: big fat crows…CAN come back!)

good engineers’ call this a root-cause-analysis, the government might wanna call it Pelan Induk err…something.

done! thank you…now get back focussing on ur honey roasted turkey with lotsa golden brown cashew nuts and spicy chicken vindaloo! Merry Christmas.

~ santa ‘prasad’ claus


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