write n let write


i have been wanting to do this for a couple years now …for a couple of reasons, which i will not be discussing right now. rather let me just discuss why i have not!

o yes before i forget …hereinafter, typos are deliberately done to make this look as ‘bloggish’ as possible-so spare me the spelling errors samynathan mavale !:p

writin is a gud thing, imagine it lettin u express


unreasonable passing ideas, to read it back n go… “did i actually write tht!”.n thts wat i did till i realized tht i was writin way too of much of tht unreasonable n potentially-political-threatenin stuff tht i decided i quit …i tore my diary!hey I might b d nx MIC president one day u know!

…n well since thn I have completed school, switched 5 jobs in 2 years, got back to school n so much for being d MIC president I haven’t even registered myself as a voter-they wudn charge me under ISA for tht wud they?!:I

illustrious political career, election votes or otherwise, almost all of us just tend to get too busy with life tht we lose note of smaller matters in life, matters which might matter most to d heart. we get too dragged with the whole idea of professionalism and money makin tht we just dont make love anymore…err make love? tht sounds…NVM u know wat i mean!!!d good news is we always have a choice…to make events,enjoy moments, remember life n by writin,let someone else cherish d ’smaller’ matters as much.

write matters n somehow everyone writes till,u grow older n u do lesser of writin…n thn u grow older n older n u stop writin….n thn u grow older n older n older n u realize tht u have very few good moments to remember in life, u wish u just had written down good memories somewhere-just like d to do notes on ur fridge which make u frown or d old love letters which bring u smile. the truth, sadly we all age n with or without vitamins we tend to remember lesser of moments which might have taken our breaths away, moments tht can actually make u live life to d fullest a lil longer today.

lets write somethin…just scribble if u cant! don worry, along the years chances of someone identifyin ur blog n makin u noble laureate in literature is basically ZERO!let ur friends know something more bout u thn where u from or whether u’d fwd an absurd chain mail…

DONE!!! n if this 1st stab sounds utterly aged, gimme a break malini, rome wasn built in a year n…don expect me to start suckin lollipops in a day…i’m tryin la!!!!! ask ruth! 😀

so yes i have finally started bloggin…bring on d jugs!!!(n idli n chutney for juliana) thanx 4


time, i’ll b catching u soon. god bless!*gives d baby dance with gowri*

~ Murali Prasad on da blogs

p.s names in bold are hot chicks n u can catch them in my list, but don play play coz they CAN BE gravely injurious!


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